22 August 2008

What Does The Cross Mean To Me ?

What does the cross mean to me? It signifies the barbaric means by which Jesus was executed. It’s the two timbers hammered together on which the Romans hung God’s only son after they practically beat him to death. On that cross, He suffered pain and humiliation, ridicule and abandonment. That’s where he was when he cried out to his Father “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” From that cross, Jesus looked down into his mother’s face and she up at him. He saw Mary’s tears and her anguish, and said to her “Woman, behold your son” meaning the apostle John, and that now he would be her son and take care of her. It’s the pole that held him up off the ground so all who passed by could get a good look at his bloody, beaten body and hurl insults at him. It held him upright enabling the soldier to ram a spear through his side to make sure he was dead shortly after he said, “into your hands I commit my spirit” and “it is finished”.

What does the cross mean to me? It symbolizes Christianity. One is mounted at the front of the Church; another is on top of the cupola on the roof of the Church. The Christian flag has a cross on it. Often we’ll see one on the cover of a Bible. I wear one as a charm on my necklace and I have two sets of earrings with crosses. When I see three crosses side by side, they remind me of Good Friday, the day of Jesus’ death, and Easter, the day of Jesus’ resurrection. Easter brings spring flowers and the Easter bunny and colorful eggs and chocolates.

What does the cross mean to me? The true meaning? The cross is the altar and the sacrifice. It means death. It means the end of Jesus’ human life here on earth. It means the fulfillment of scriptures predicting his birth, life and death. It means the completion of Jesus’ work here on earth. It means my death. It means my former self is dead. It means that I am dead to sin. It means new life! It means Jesus is alive and He defeated death! It means everlasting life for those who believe! It means I have a new life! It means my debt has been paid! It means I will have eternal life with God the Father and Jesus the Son who sits at His right side! It means I will see Jesus when He comes again! Because I believe all that happened on that cross is real and true, my name is written in the Book of Life!

That’s what the cross means to me.

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