13 September 2008

Cat Angel

( for T )

Dear friend,

To you, this message I ask the helpers to send.
You loved me and cared for me,
my broken parts you tried to mend.

Our nature is to roam,
we have no permanent place to call home.
We live on the street,
in abandoned places,
and sometimes we meet
people who look past the scars on our faces
into our eyes and our souls.

If I could speak, I’d say
thanks for your love.
I like it here, but I can’t stay.

Don’t take my leaving
as a sign of failure on your part;
please don’t be sad and grieving.
You’ve given me the best gift: your heart.

Love like yours I’ll never again know.
but it’s time for me to move on.
I have another adventure and must go.

I’m not one to say goodbye.
Don’t lock the door,
because I might return
to see you once more.

While I’m away, continue to care for my pals,
the toms and the gals
the abandoned, the feral and the strays,
that have accepted you and trust you,
who unlike me, aren’t called away.

1 comment:

  1. AW Elsie,
    I can not thank you enough for thinking of me. I am still crying, and probably will for a long time. This is very beautiful, and it really has touched my heart, as you have touched my heart.
    Thank you.