27 January 2011

The Forest

I was walking through a meadow,
bright warm sun rays shining down.
Wildflowers, showing their glorious colors and beauty,
gracefully sway from side to side.
Gentle breezes broadcast their sweet aroma through the air.

I get to the edge of the meadow,
to the tree-line at the entrance to the forest.
At first it does not look that scary,
but the further into the forest I journey,
the thicker and darker it gets.
There are fallen limbs and logs,
all sorts of obstacles I have to climb over,
making travel a challenge.
I wander on and on and instead of making progress,
I’m only going around in circles,
each path bringing me back to the same spot.

Exhausted, I sit down on the rotted log,
and admit I cannot go any further.
It’s dark. 
I’m cold.
I hear noises that frighten me.
I am powerless.
I am lost.
My heart is crushed with fear and despair.
Who can hear my cries for help?

I hear something.
No, it’s not the breeze.
I hear the soft, still voice,
“Let me help you.  Let me guide you out.
I will clear a path for your feet so that you won’t stumble.  Trust me.”

With both of my hands, I clamp onto His outstretched hand,
“I’m so weary, I can’t go on,” I whimper.
“I will carry you,” He promises.

We get to a canyon.
He sets me on my feet.
It’s wide, too wide for me to jump.
Now what?
Do I try to make a bridge with limbs and logs
from the forest floor and try to walk across?

“I brought you safely to this place of decision.
You can stay here, or you can let me help you go forward.”

“The forest is dark, and lonely, and scary,
and I don’t want to stay here.
“I’m so weary, I can’t go on,” I whimper.

“Trust me.  Hold onto me.  I will not let you fall. 
I will carry you,” He promises.

With both of my hands, I clamp onto His outstretched hand.
He lifts me safely over.
The edge of the forest is just ahead.
I see can brightness through the trees!
I don’t know how far it is to the edge of the forest,
so I will stay close to His unfailing love and faithfulness
and trust Him to walk me through.

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