08 May 2011

Drinking, Eating, Reading

The way to fully enjoy a glass of fine wine is to take a sip, swirl it around to cover all your taste buds, then slowly swallow, so even the sensors in the back of your throat get a taste. My uncle once told me that you should “chew” it; that works, too. What ever your method, you take your time and linger over it, delighting not only your sense of taste but also your sense of smell. The two combined makes each mouthful an adventure. A gourmet meal is also best enjoyed when you eat it slowly, getting the most taste out of each bite.

If you would wolf down an elegant meal and guzzle a glass of wine, you’d miss out on the experience of the meal. Likewise, zooming through a passage of scriptures wouldn’t allow the opportunity to get the most out of it. You need to read each word, each phrase; often many times over, and meditate on them. From my own experience, the Lord speaks to me during this time. Chewing on the words, lingering over them, meditating on the scene, considering the who, what, where, when, why and how, and you find the words speaking to you.

The Holy Bible is indeed a living thing. Don’t rush through it; you’ll miss the best part.

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