30 May 2011


We are all seed sowers. Every word we speak to another and every deed (good or bad) is a seed planted in the heart and mind of someone else. Our parents sowed seeds of love while the world sowed seeds of another variety: competition, pride, prejudice, entitlement, hatred, envy, etc.

Leave a trail of good seeds like brotherly love, compassion, patience, generosity, diligence, integrity, honesty, and excellence. These seeds have the potential for a bouquet of blooms that are pleasing to the Lord. Sow seeds that produce a bountiful harvest for the Kingdom of God. You sow the seeds and another will come along and water, and the Lord makes it grow.

Take a big handful with you wherever you go and sprinkle generously!

1 Corinthians 3:8 (GOD’S WORD Translation)
The one who plants and the one who waters have the same goal, and each will receive a reward for his own work.

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