28 August 2011

Sit, Stay

The long table is spread out; the feast is prepared and presented.
Come in, come in.
You just stand there and look in.
Come. Sit down and enjoy.
Sometimes you walk up to the table, grab a morsel or even a handful, but then your eye wanders and you run off, leaving, still hungry.

Oh my child; sit, stay.
Feast with me.
All this is prepared for your enjoyment and nourishment.
You are weak and weary because you are starved.
Sit down, eat.
Eat your fill and enjoy your time with me.
You’ve tasted and know how sweet it is.

You must not leave hungry.
If you do, it is your own doing.
Stay as long as it takes.
Feast and rest.
Then you will be refreshed and prepared to continue.
You will be better use for me and your work will be easier for you.
But first, stay, sit and feast with me.

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