03 July 2017


Gas pumps:  they’re in many locations, ready, waiting for us to pull up, go through the process, get fuel in tank, then go on our way.  God:  He’s in every location, ready, waiting for us to come to Him, spend some time with Him, get fuel into our tank, then go on our way.

A car needs fuel, and so do we.  And not just nourishment for our body, but also nourishment for what’s inside our body.  What a difference it makes when we fuel up before we head out.  We can’t run on empty.  When we try, before long, we find ourselves pushing instead of rolling.

“Let the dawning day bring me revelation of your tender, unfailing love.  Give me light for my path, and teach me, for I trust in you.”  Psalm 143:8  TPT

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