09 September 2008

Good Morning, God… Good Morning, Jesus

Before the ground and my feet meet,
my heart and thoughts greet
God, my heavenly Father, and Jesus my savior:

Good morning, God! Good morning, Lord!
(I ask) What is your will for me today?
Jesus, please show me your way
and protect me from me.
Hold me close so my feet
don’t stray from the path
my Father hath
laid out for me to follow.
Fill me with your love
so my soul isn’t hollow.
Father, watch over me from above.
Meet all my needs; remove all my fears.
I will share the fruits
of the Holy Spirit;
proclaim your goodness, so all can heart it.
In me,
your light shines bright -- all can see it;
and your love’s so great -- all can feel it.
As I go out and about
to share your love and speak your word,
in your name, do good deeds
for those in need.
Help to feed
the hungry, love the unlovable,
offer hope to the fatherless;
visit with the widow
as she sits by herself, at the window,
waiting for you to come and take her home.
I know I’ll never be alone
for where ever you send me,
there, you will be.
Walking in faith, through the desert to the garden
till the day you call my name
and Jesus face I see.
Totally submitting myself to thee,
to guide me and advise me
so your will
in your way
and in your time,
not mine,
will be done, through all eternity. Amen.

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