03 September 2008

Un-hardened Heart

heart didn’t want to feel that way.
everyday, still say,
“love you”.
heart didn’t feel right anymore,
no longer warm, the way it used to.
heart turned cold.
now that love is old,
no longer new,
heart doesn’t spark
like it used to.

words like “you, I hate”
at night, when it was late,
would hear the other say.
when full, go to bed.
hurtful things said
so much
heart-skin grew tough.
every night,
closed eyes, closed ears.
no tears after so many years.

oh what joy! Jesus filled heart with love
Father in heaven above
said, “all sins are forgiven”.
heart had to forgive
in order to freely live.
heart surrendered to the Lord.
saturated with the word.
a new creation.
the old, gone.
heart sings a new song.

even so, cloud still covered the sun.
“Father, can this battle ever be won?”
it’s an illness,
a disease.
“get some help, please”.
heart still loves him
not on a whim
with cloud over them they married.
that burden both carried.
suffered together, raging storms weathered.
calm seas sailed on happy days.
the Lord said “do not part, don’t go separate ways.”

“Lord, heart needs to feel something
inside, deep within.
not cold, numb, emptiness.”
for them, heart did pray,
every night. every day.
Father spoke;
heart felt a poke.
“remove that plank from your own eye.
stop pointing out faults, for shame,
not long ago, your indulgence was the same.”

“when one cheek feels the burn
give the other, sideways turn.
it’s at these times you must love the most”
battles fight, the lord said he will;
keep quiet and be still.
one short phrase
uttered on a dark rainy day
“un-harden this heart, Father.”
a cold stone,
revived love once known.

praise God for un-hardened heart.
praise the Lord! gone, the rough part.
faith so strong, so real.
every worry, every care,
given up, for him to bear.
God un-hardened heart.
His spirit never to depart.
filled with his love,
His light to shine
in heart, for all time.

1 comment:

  1. Very beautiful and passionate poem. Although while it is sad, at the end you can feel the peace the writer has found in her heart.