21 September 2008

I Gotta Let It Go !

I say it all the time,
your will be done,
not mine.

I give up all my cares
to you; to share,
help bear.

I keep taking one back.
Is it cause faith
I lack?

You cannot take control
if I keep a
tight hold.

I know, I know I know,
I gotta let
it go!

Then, you can redeem me
and I can be
set free.

Get this junk off my mind
and just leave it

And, commit to never
claim it again,

Thank you for forgiving.
Life’s so more worth

I’m so hooked on you, Lord.
I need you so.
For sure!

1 comment:

  1. Oh I can connect with this one.
    Again, very good Elsie.